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NextCoast is a revolutionary company with a next generation SaaS Social Business Collaboration platform that improves communications while driving innovation and quality connections. In minutes, NextCoast can launch a Website with your own collaborative Social Network on all browser platforms, including mobile devices. NextCoast also allows you to monetize your content, blogs, services and events. NextCoast is ideal for any size business or organization.

NextCoast's enterprise-scale web platform has a user-friendly Content Management System in one easy to use and deploy application. Utilizing our proprietary platform, we can design and launch your own Social Community, where you can communicate and collaborate with employees, co-workers, group members or vendors, privately and securely. Plus the content will look great on smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberrys (with larger LCD's), iPads and Android Tablets.

Whether you need to build a Website, Blog, or a Social Business Collaborative Network, NextCoast can do it. And in this competitive economy where time is money, we deploy compelling solutions professionally and quickly. In one company is the power of our world class web application, strategy, design, development and professional consultants. Our goal is to help you leap-frog your competition and be a leader, not a follower.
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Whether it's a collaborative Social Network, a Website, a Blog or all 3, we have you covered. And with our easy to use Content Management System, you can update your info at any time. NextCoast is e-commerce ready with the ability to monetize content, create public blogs or a private journal, take quick polls and so much more.

We are professional software and web developers with the background to engineer and develop complex web problems, while creating compelling solutions. NextCoast, WordPress, Drupal, Smartphone friendly website content, Custom Facebook Group Page, SEO and so much more.

Cloud hosted, on-demand, scalable and supported 365 by professional security experts and managed by customer service advocates. NextCoast is built to meet PCI compliance requirements and electronic credit/debit card payments are processed by one of the biggest in the industry.

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